The Team

Damien Coor

Damien Coor is an award winning cinematographer, who has been working in film and video for more than a dozen years. He has worked on a vast range of projects, including short and feature length narrative films, commercials and music videos.  He has spent the better part of the last eight years working internationally, specifically in Latin America. Still, Damien has worked on numerous domestic projects including the Emmy Award nominated Showtime documentary,  Of Mics and Men: The Story of the Wu Tang Clan, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2019. Additionally, Damien has trained and worked under some of today’s most influential cinematographers, such as Bradford Young, Hans Charles and Arthur Jaffa.

Ziad Foty

Founder of Foty Fusion Films, Ziad Foty is an emerging independent director and writer based in the DMV area. His films seek to highlight underrepresented stories in an effort to challenge the dominant representation in film. Winner of the Best Documentary Film at the Paul Robeson Howard Film Festival for his film "Renaissance Man" (2017,) Ziad has recently completed short narrative film "El Mahal" (2019) and is in post-production on his debut feature documentary "Return to Ramallah" (2019.)


While the Normalized Podcast started as an outlet for CJ to understand and address his own disorder, it has become a place where listeners come to seek self-awareness and empathy for others.  

CJ currently lives a “normal” life by societal standards. But the path to this “normal” life was complicated. At 10 years old, CJ’s home life fell into chaos after his mother lost her job and his brother left home shortly thereafter. As anxiety and self-doubt began to mount, and without a solid routine or desired family supports, he turned to friends, drugs, alcohol, and women as a means of escape. 

Through the years, these escapes only brought on mental anguish, broken relationships and multiple trips to various institutions. At the age of 36, CJ was diagnosed with Bipolar II Disorder. Since then, CJ has been devoted to sharing his story and the moments that defined him with others in his community. CJ’s story isn’t extreme, rather the normal one that so many are scared to share. The Normalized Podcast success has now given birth to Normalized The Movie.